Day on Earth

Day on Earth represents the 24 time zones that divide the Earth. These 24 time zones are materialized by 24 segments of aluminum and light. The intensity of each segment of light varies in real time, depending on what time it is in the time zone to which they relate. Throughout a day, the light varies in intensity, moving from right to left (from east to west), to complete the 24 hours of the day. In parallel, a metronome emphasizes the rhythm of the passage of time second after second.

[…] The arwork encourages us, in real time, to abecome aware about conventions related to the notion of time.

Patricia Rodrigo, Galería Antonia Puyó

Fact sheet

  • LEDs, aluminium, wood, electronics, programming, metronome
  • 100 x 270 x 24 cm
  • Julia Puyo, 2018
  • Technical support: Interface-Z and Arnaud Juracek