El relato oficial

“With El relato oficial, Puyo invites the viewer to erase the speech that is legitimized from the outside to be able to look inwards: it is in ourselves that we find the best answers, those with which we can identify.

The work is composed of a mirror on which is printed the phrase “The official speech” with a scratch-off ink. The visitor can modify the work by scratching the surface, erasing the words. He will be able to get rid of stories that are imposed on us, and see his image reflected on the surface, to (re)know himself. Once the message is erased, the medium becomes a tabula rasa on which it is possible to write a new message.”
Nerea Ubieto

Fact sheet

  • Silk-screen printing scratch-off black ink on mirror
  • 60 x 96 cm
  • Julia Puyo, 2016